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– Meet our Walkie-Talkies: 6 feminist champions!

Walking the Talk consortium is proudly introducing six exceptional feminists from all over the world – aka our team of ‘Walkie-Talkies’. These experts bring unique perspectives and invaluable experience to our mission of promoting Feminist Foreign policies, practices, and funding in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the European Union.READ MORE

– Feminist foreign policy: the accountability report in France is out!

After assessing five years of France’s “feminist diplomacy”, the Gender Equality High Council handed in its report to ministers Catherine Colonna and Isabelle Rome. Equipop made a major contribution to this report, that is the first comprehensive accountability tool ever on feminist foreign policy in France. At this time, there is no English version of the full report, but it seemed relevant to share a few takeaways with feminist activists and governments that, all over the world, are working at building feminist foreign policies.


– Make menstruation a health, education, and equality issue

Every day, 300 million women around the world get their period. Yet within families, menstruation is shrouded in silence and shame; in public, it receives little funding even though it is an education, health, and rights issue. For these reasons, Equipop is taking action! READ MORE

– Young Lookouts : Transform healthcare systems so girls are no longer left behind

In 2019, Equipop continued to support youth and women’s civic participation through the Jeunes en Vigie (Young Lookouts) Project, with funding from the 5% Initiative.1 The project aims to carefully mainstream sexual and reproductive rights into healthcare provision in order to better meet girls’ specific needs, particularly when treating three pandemics: HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, and malaria. READ MORE