– Meet our Walkie-Talkies: 6 feminist champions!

– Meet our Walkie-Talkies: 6 feminist champions!

Walking the Talk consortium is proudly introducing six exceptional feminists from all over the world – aka our team of ‘Walkie-Talkies’. These experts bring unique perspectives and invaluable experience to our mission of promoting Feminist Foreign policies, practices, and funding in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the European Union.

The ‘Walkie-Talkies’ are feminists with expertise and lived experiences in gender equality policies and practices. They come from diverse backgrounds and regions, bringing intersectional perspectives on issues such as climate justice funding, SRHR, gender-based violence, and feminist technology. They are committed to sharing lessons, driving positive change, and actively participating in strategic activities within the consortium.


The Walkie-Talkie Accountability Mechanism


The support of Dinorah Arceta (Mexico), Jara Henar (Spain), Souwaiba Ibrahim (Niger), Kirthi Jayakumar (India), Chido Nyaruwata (Zimbabwe), and Foteini Papagioti (USA) strengthens our program’s quality and enhances the visibility of our advocacy. They have two key roles :

1. Shaping our research, advocacy, and communications strategy by identifying topics, strengthening messaging, and sharing knowledge on FFP and intersectional gender equality.

2. Amplifying our messages and providing a reality check on policy implementation versus ground realities, helping us engage with stakeholders.

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Chido Nyaruwata

Kirthi Jayakumar

Souwaiba Ibrahim

Jara Henar

Foteini Papagioti

Dinorah Arceta