December 2019

– Amplifying the voice of feminist movements in West africa

Equipop believes that fair and sustainable development for all can only be achieved through the fight for women’s rights. For example, it saw an obvious need for collaboration with West Africa’s feminist activists, so Equipop began a fruitful partnership in 2018 with representatives from West African women’s movements.READ MORE

– Women 7 2019: a feminist advocacy movement

Seizing the opportunity presented by France’s G7 presidency, Equipop stepped up its efforts to persuade government officials to put gender equality at the heart of public policies. The organization helped bring together several feminist movements through “Women 7” (W7), a network of feminist activists from France, other G7 countries, and West Africa. The W7 Summit was the highlight of this mobilization: 400 participants from around the world joined forces in Paris on May 9, 2019. READ MORE