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In April 2024, a delegation of seven African and Latin American activists met with several high-level French politicians in Paris. The aim of this week of advocacy? To share their experiences and bring forward their recommendations for France to perpetuate its financial and political support for feminist organizations around the world. This action was supported by the six partner organizations of the “Feminists in Action” (FEA) fund. For Equipop, which spearheaded the activity, it was a key moment in strengthening transnational feminist solidarity and defending feminist funding within the European dynamics of the “Walking the talk” project. The messages of the seven activists have been heard. From now on, Equipop and its partners will follow up on these commitments from Paris.

– Coming back from CSW68 : to achieve new victories, UN States must fund feminist movements

Equipop took part in the 68th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, which took place from March 11 to 22, under the theme “accelerating the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty and strengthening institutions and financing from a gender perspective”. The text adopted at the end of these two weeks is the result of negotiations during which the most conservative states attacked women’s rights and gender equality.



After carrying out another government reshuffle in early January, and ahead of the Prime Minister’s policy statement, Emmanuel Macron held a press conference on January 16th to lay out the main political orientations on a variety of issues. In particular, he presented the government’s measures for “demographic rearmament”. Borrowing language from ultra-conservative war rhetoric, the President sparked incomprehension and indignation among many feminist activists and associations. Equipop joins in these reactions: women’s bodies must not be instrumentalized to serve the nation or a war effort, whether literally or figuratively speaking. Public action must be driven instead by the realization of the rights of each individual and the quest for gender equality. 


– Walking the Talk

Walking the Talk wants to boost the adoption and implementation of Feminist Foreign Policies and gender equality in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the European Union. In other words, inclusive foreign policies that champion gender equality and reflect the voices of women and LGBTIQ+ people from the Global South.


To achieve this, the program advocates for an increase in Official Development Assistance (ODA) dedicated to gender equality and women’s rights, especially funding for progressive, intersectional feminist organizations in the Global South.

– Geneva Conference: strengthening alliances for a global feminist agenda in the face of backlash

On Tuesday November 21, 2023, Equipop organized a conference in Geneva on the theme “Promoting SRHR in multilateral spaces in the face of backlash” in collaboration with the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung and Sexual Rights Initiative. The event gathered some 100 participants, both online and on site, demonstrating a strong interest in this issue. Discussions between panelists from a wide range of backgrounds outlined potential courses of action, notably through the creation of multi-stakeholder alliances to counter backlash in all its forms and in all multilateral forums.

– Feminist foreign policy: the accountability report in France is out!

After assessing five years of France’s “feminist diplomacy”, the Gender Equality High Council handed in its report to ministers Catherine Colonna and Isabelle Rome. Equipop made a major contribution to this report, that is the first comprehensive accountability tool ever on feminist foreign policy in France. At this time, there is no English version of the full report, but it seemed relevant to share a few takeaways with feminist activists and governments that, all over the world, are working at building feminist foreign policies.


– Make menstruation a health, education, and equality issue

Every day, 300 million women around the world get their period. Yet within families, menstruation is shrouded in silence and shame; in public, it receives little funding even though it is an education, health, and rights issue. For these reasons, Equipop is taking action! READ MORE